Gilat Ben-Dor


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Watercolor, mixed media on paper.  Framed.  19 x 15 x 1.  2018.
In the artistic tradition of storytelling friezes, Gilat Ben-Dor’s Falling In Love
series represents four celebrated stages of surrender into the arms of love. The
series begins with Piqued, where animated curiosity is first stirred. A hopeful face
peers through a frame of lush, lively roses to take stock of her object of desire.
Upon realizing the exhilarating effects of love’s presence, Hearbeat is revealed.
The colorful organ is shown outside of the chest as a literal reminder of its
irrepressible response. Tension and desire grow, revealing the crazy-making
longing of Temptation: fulfillment is at arm’s grasp, yet still forbidden. The series
finale, Ecstasy, celebrates the consummation of love; the rush of emotion,
immersion, and glee. Ben-Dor created the series using multimedia techniques
including watercolor, ink, and hand-embellished silver leaf on textured watercolor
paper. All works in this series are signed by the artist.

Arizona Artist:  Gilat Ben-Dor.


On view at Grotto Gallery "Falling in Love", exhibit which runs through December 21st, 2018 in downtown Tempe, Arizona.




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