Marine Blue #4
Laurie Nessel

Marine Blue #4

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Handcrafted flamework glass bead.  Cleaned and properly annealed.  Ready for stringing.  2.25" x 1.5" x 0.5".  Oval tab shape.  2018.


Part of the native Sonoran Desert lepitoptera series, Marine Blues (Leptotes marina) can be found year-round in the desert and as migrants in temperate zones. They have adapted to disturbed habitat and can have multiple broods in a season. These traits allow Marine Blues to be common and widespread. Their host plants include legumes such as this Parry's false prairie-clover (Marina parryi) which can bloom anytime of year, even during dry spells.


Arizona Artist:  Laurie Nessel.


On view at Grotto Gallery "Hope Springs Eternal" exhibit which runs through June 21st, 2018 in downtown Tempe, Arizona.


Hope Springs Eternal



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